From GMP airport in Seoul to city center

 Seoul,  South Korea

Public transportation from Seoul airport

Day route from airport:

공항철도 402 Estimated duration is 57 mins.
공항철도 5 stops to Seoul Station (Subway) ( 22 mins - 19.4 km )
402 5 stops to Huam Mineral Spring ( 7 mins - 2.6 km )

This route will take you to N Seoul Tower in Seoul city center during day operation times.

Night route from airport:

601 470 Estimated duration is 1 hour 42 mins.
601 20 stops to Severance Hospital ( 37 mins - 15.1 km )
470 11 stops to 남산1호터널 ( 17 mins - 7.0 km )

This route will take you to N Seoul Tower in Seoul city center during night.

Airport Transfers from Gimpo International Airport

GMP Airport overview

Gimpo International Airport (Korean: 김포국제공항; Hanja: 金浦國際空港), commonly known as Gimpo Airport (IATA: GMP, SEL, ICAO: RKSS), formerly rendered in English as Kimpo International Airport, is located in the far western end of Seoul, some 15 km (9 mi) west of the Central District of Seoul. Gimpo was the main international airport for Seoul and South Korea before being replaced by Incheon International Airport in 2001. It now functions as Seoul's secondary airport. In 2015, 23,163,778 passengers used the airport, making it the third largest airport in Korea, as it has been surpassed by Jeju International Airport. The airport is located south of the Han River in western Seoul. The name "Gimpo" comes from the nearby city of Gimpo, of which the airport used to be a part. On 29 November 2003, scheduled services between Gimpo and Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan resumed. Services to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport resumed on 28 October 2007. Services to Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan started on 26 October 2008. Services to Beijing Capital International Airport started on 1 July 2011. Services to Taipei Songshan Airport started on 30 April 2012.

Airport details

Name Gimpo International Airport
Actual time 04:12
Actual date 2022/11/28