From ZAZ airport in Zaragoza to city center

 Zaragoza,  Spain

Public transportation from Zaragoza airport

Day route from airport:

ALSA - Linea L501 36 Estimated duration is 59 mins.
ALSA - Linea L501 13 stops to (328) - Via Hispanidad,90 ( 23 mins - 18.5 km )
36 11 stops to Pso. Echegaray y Caballero 80 (Once) ( 14 mins - 3.4 km )

This route will take you to city center of Zaragoza during daylight.

Night route from airport:

N64 N12 Estimated duration is 1 hour 41 mins.
N64 11 stops to (701) - Maria Agustín - Pablo Serrano ( 44 mins - 10.1 km )
N12 1 stops to (801) - Cesar Augusto (Murallas) ( 1 min - 0.8 km )

This route will take you to city center of Zaragoza during night.

Airport Transfers from Zaragoza Air Base

ZAZ Airport overview

Zaragoza Air Base (IATA: ZAZ, ICAO: LEZG) is a base of the Spanish Air and Space Force located near Zaragoza, Spain. It is located 16 kilometres (10 mi) west of Zaragoza, 270 km (168 mi) west of Barcelona, and 262 km (163 mi) northeast of Madrid. It shares infrastructure with the Zaragoza Airport. in the past, Zaragoza was also used as an emergency landing site for the USA's Space Shuttle. Between 1958 and 1992, Zaragoza Air Base was used by the United States Air Force, courtesy of the Pact of Madrid.

Airport details

Name Zaragoza Air Base
Actual time 02:52
Actual date 2023/03/23