From LHR airport in London to city center

 London,  United Kingdom

Public transportation from London airport

Day route from airport:

Piccadilly District line Estimated duration is 53 mins.
Piccadilly 12 stops to Earl's Court ( 34 mins - 20.8 km )
District line 6 stops to Westminster ( 12 mins - 5.3 km )

This route will take you to Palace of Westminster in London city center during day operation times.

Night route from airport:

N9 12 Estimated duration is 1 hour 17 mins.
N9 79 stops to Trafalgar Square (Stop B) ( 1 hour 6 mins - 25.9 km )
12 3 stops to Westminster Station / Parliament Square (Stop G) ( 3 mins - 0.9 km )

This route will take you to Palace of Westminster in London city center during night.

Airport Transfers from Heathrow Airport

Shuttle buses from Airport

National Express

National Express

Every day from 12:00am to 11:59pm circa every 30 minutes.

National Express will serve You tran from Heathrow Airport to London Victoria Station. Price for one way ticket is 12.00 GBP.

Transportation prices in London

Urban public transportation price

Inner city public transportation in London costs1.50 GBP per one way. Route from airport to city center will cost you 6.00 GBP cash. If You will pay with your contactless credit card or Oyster card, route will cost you 5.10 GBP during peak ( Mo - Fri 6:30 AM to 9:30 PM ) and 3.10 GBP off peak.

Taxi price

Taking taxi from Heathrow Airport to London city center will charge you around 60.00 GBP.

LHR Airport overview

Heathrow Airport is major airport in London, capital of United Kingdom. Ranks among the bussiest airports worldwide. LHR airport lies 14 miles from the city center on the west side of London.

Terminal 2 mostly used by Star Alliance member airlines and still increasing because of planned closing of Terminal 3 in 2019
Terminal 3 flights of Oneworld members with the exception of Iberia.
Terminal 4
Terminal 5

Terminals 2 and 3 are next to each other and you can walk between them. For connection to 4 a 5 you have to take an underground or bus. All buses in Heathrow are in free fare zone.

Passengers which remains in transfer zone are provided with free dedicated transfer buses between terminals.

Airport details

Name Heathrow Airport
Actual time 10:42
Actual date 2024/06/16
Terminals 4