From KTM airport in Kathmandu to city center

 Kathmandu,  Nepal

Public transportation from Kathmandu airport

The first and most popular option is to take a cab. Taxis are readily available both inside and outside of the airport terminal. You can either flag one down on the street or book one in advance. The average fare into the city center is around 500 NPR, which is about 5 $US dollars.

If you're looking for a cheaper option, you can take one of the local buses. These are not as organized as the city buses and can be a bit more of a challenge to navigate if you're not familiar with the area. The average fare for a local bus is around 10 NPR, but it can be a thriving experience.

Finally, if you want to ride in style, you can book a private car. This is the most expensive option, but it's also the most convenient. You can book a private car in advance or hail one from the street. The average fare for a private car is around 1000 NPR.

We are sorry but We have no public routes for KTM airport right now.

Airport Transfers from Tribhuvan International Airport

Transportation prices in Kathmandu

Taxi price

Taking taxi from Tribhuvan International Airport to Kathmandu city center will charge you around 500.00 NPR.

KTM Airport overview

Kathmandu airport is only international airport in Nepal, which is gateway to Himalayan mountains. Airport is situated 6km east of Thamel - main turists area in Kathmandu.

If you won't order any transportation service before your arrival, We highly recomend to take a cab from airport. There is not city organized public transportation in Kathmandu. You are able to join one of local buses on the main street in front of Airport area, but its not for a first time traveler in Nepal.

Airport is divided to domestic flights terminal and international flights terminal within walking distance.

Airport details

Name Tribhuvan International Airport
Actual time 02:17
Actual date 2024/07/16
Terminals 2