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KMQ Airport overview

Komatsu Airport (小松飛行場, Komatsu Hikōjō) (IATA: KMQ, ICAO: RJNK) is an international airport located 4.2 km (2.6 mi) west southwest of Komatsu Station in the city of Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. It is the largest airport in the Hokuriku region and serves the southern portion of Ishikawa Prefecture including the capital of Kanazawa (which has its IATA city code QKW), as well as Fukui and the northern portion of Fukui Prefecture. The Japan Air Self-Defense Force Komatsu Base (小松基地 Komatsu Kichi) shares the runway with civil aviation; the inland-side taxiway is used by the JASDF and the sea-side one is used by civilian flights. The base hosts a Kōkū-sai (Air Festival) every September, featuring demo flights by fighter and rescue aircraft as well as the Blue Impulse acrobat flight team. It often hosts technical competitions of the JASDF. The "Airspace G" is a large training airspace over the Sea of Japan to the north of the base. The airport has a single passenger terminal building serving domestic and international flights. Its international cargo terminal, known as HIACT (Hokuriku International Air Cargo Terminal), is owned by a consortium of government and corporate entities and aims to serve as an international distribution center for cargo from Europe and other continents. Its runway surface has been upgraded to enable non-stop freighter flights to and from Europe and North America in late 2006.

Airport details

Name Komatsu Airport
Actual time 04:13
Actual date 2022/11/28