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Totegegie Airport to city center

Totegegie, French Polynesia

Totegegie Airport overview

Totegegie Airport (IATA: GMR, ICAO: NTGJ) is an airport on Totegegie Island in the Gambier Islands, French Polynesia. It is 9 km northeast of the village of Rikitea. Totegegie is one of Mangareva island's reefs, approximately 9 km (5.6 mi) from Rikitea, the island's administrative settlement. It has the only building on the reef. The airport is 1,652 km (1,027 mi) from Tahiti and is classified as a territorial aerodrome. Its only commercial service is to Tahiti's Fa'a'ā International Airport on Tuesdays.Totegegie Airport is crucial in its role as the outside world's link to Pitcairn Island. One of the few ways a traveler can reach Pitcairn is to fly to Tahiti, then to Totegegie. From there, a 32-hour boat ride will take one to Pitcairn.

Public transport to city center of Totegegie from Airport

The public transport station is right in front of airport terminal.

Transfers from Totegegie Airport to the city

We are sorry but We are not able to recommend any private GMR transfer service right now.

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