From BKK airport in Bangkok to city center

 Bangkok,  Thailand

Public transportation from Bangkok airport

Day route from airport:

552 508 AC Estimated duration is 2 hours 21 mins.
552 18 stops to Tesco Lotus On Nut ( 53 mins - 34.0 km )
508 AC 32 stops to Traffic Police Division 2 ( 32 mins - 13.6 km )

This route will take you to Old City in Bangkok city center during day operation times.

Night route from airport:

555 509 AC Estimated duration is 2 hours 57 mins.
555 12 stops to Sun Building ( 36 mins - 31.9 km )
509 AC 31 stops to Democracy Monument (Opposite Sueksa Phan) ( 34 mins - 12.7 km )

This route will take you to Old City in Bangkok city center during night.

Airport Transfers from Suvarnabhumi Airport

BKK Airport overview

Suvarnabhumi Airport (Thai: ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ, RTGS: Tha-akatsayan Suwannaphum, pronounced [tʰâː.ʔāː.kàːt̚.sā.jāːn.sùʔ.wān.nā.pʰūːm] (listen); from Sanskrit सुवर्णभूमि (Suvarṇabhūmi), literally 'golden land') (IATA: BKK, ICAO: VTBS), also known unofficially as Bangkok Airport, is one of two international airports serving the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, the other one being Don Mueang International Airport (DMK), which remains open as a low-cost carriers hub. Suvarnabhumi Airport covers an area of 3,240 ha (32.4 km2; 8,000 acres), making it one of the biggest international airports in Southeast Asia and a regional hub for aviation. The airport is also a major Cargo Air Freight Hub (20th busiest in 2019), which has a designated Airport Free Zone, as well as road links to the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) on Motorway 7.

Airport details

Name Suvarnabhumi Airport
Actual time 21:42
Actual date 2022/12/04