From AJU airport in Aracaju to city center

 Aracaju,  Brazil

Public transportation from Aracaju airport

Day route from airport:

041 Estimated duration is 36 mins.
041 18 stops to Avenida Gonçalo Rolemberg Leite, 2101 ( 21 mins - 11.6 km )

This route will take you to city center of Aracaju during daylight.

Night route from airport:

0703 Estimated duration is 1 hour 13 mins.
0703 28 stops to P708 - Rua Acre 2699 ( 27 mins - 13.6 km )

This route will take you to city center of Aracaju during night.

Airport Transfers from Santa Maria Airport

AJU Airport overview

Santa Maria Airport may refer to: Santa Maria Airport (Azores), on Santa Maria Island in the Azores (IATA: SMA, ICAO: LPAZ) Santa Maria Airport (Peru), in Santa María District, Lima Region, Peru (IATA: SMG, ICAO: SPMR) Santa Maria Airport (Rio Grande do Sul), in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (IATA: RIA, ICAO: SBSM) Santa Maria Airport (Sergipe), in Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil (IATA: AJU, ICAO: SBAR) Santa Maria Public Airport, in Santa Maria, California, United States (IATA: SMX, ICAO: KSMX) Santa Maria Municipal Airport, an alternative name for Hancock Field, a former airport and military in California

Airport details

Name Santa Maria Airport
Actual time 13:31
Actual date 2022/09/30